Thursday, February 02, 2006

Never Trust a Wheel with Your Job Search

On the door of one of the professor’s offices here in the library there is a neat little wheel that you can spin. It has different types of law that you can practice as a career such as “Wills,” “Real Estate,” and “Wealth Planning.” Feeling curious I decided to spin the wheel. It stopped on “Elder Law.” Thinking that this can’t be right I spun it again and "Elder Law" came up for a second time. Feeling worried about this I decided I’d spin it one more time just so I’d at least have two options to consider. When the wheel stopped spinning it once again read “Elder Law.” Looks like this summer I’ll be doing an externship at the AARP I guess? I wonder if Aunt Debbie can help out with that?


Angelina said...

No, she can only get you a job if you ARE the elderly...not if you are trying to take their money.

Danny Garland Jr. said...


Adam Samons said...

Good call Danny, that's what I'm pleading.