Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How did this guy NOT play for UM?????

I’ve previously mentioned what I see as a lack of swagger in this city’s sports fans. Essentially they have the franchise history of the New York Yankees or Boston Celtics and the mentality of the Chicago Cubs. For example, I hear a lot of talk about how great it would be if the Steelers did win, but I also hear just as much if not more about how terrible it would be if they lost. While I can appreciate humility in almost every area of life sports is not one of them (so long as your team is good enough). So, while the city doesn’t have the kind of swagger I’d like to see there is a saving grace and his name is Joey Porter. In 2003 this man was shot in the butt and returned to play in a game exactly 3 weeks after being shot. Yeah, that’s right, you can’t even stop him with a bullet. Every time Porter opens his mouth I’m amazed that he didn’t go to the swagger factory that is (or used to be considering how we've been lately) the University of Miami. To fully understand the greatness that is Joey Porter read how he laid the smack down upon a Seahawk’s player who predicted that Jerome Bettis will retire without a Super Bowl Win.


Miss Amy said...

Fitty five

Miss Amy said...

It's yet another sign of UM's decline that players who personify SWAGGER are playing for other school's.

Sad sad sad

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-T Good

Angelina said...

And Troy went was roommates with Carson Palmer!