Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ok, it’s late on the Saturday night before the Super Bowl, time to give my analysis.

First off I’ve got to give some credit to the most unheralded Steeler of them all, Verron Haynes (pictured to your left). Most people outside the city have not clue who he is even though he’s a vital part of the offense. He’s the third and long back. If it’s 3rd and 3 or under Bettis is there to get the yardage, but if it’s more like third and 6 or more Veronn Haynes is your man. He has converted a ton of 3rd downs on crucial drives this season. I expect him to do this again on Sunday and maybe now the nation will notice it.

Also: I think Bettis will have a few more carries than normal. This isn’t for centimental reasons but because throughout the season the team lightens his workload so he’ll be around all year. Now that he’s at what is probably at the last game of his career there’s nothing to reserve, expect Bettis to leave everything on the field and Cower to realize that this is the one time this year he’ll have access to a completely unrestrained Bettis.

With the Seahawks keying on Ward and Randle El expect Cedrick Wilson to have to have a big game.

And even though this is obvious, expect Joey Porter to come up big.

Final score: Steelers 31 Seahawks 16

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Miss Amy said...

More like SeaCOCKS! Harumph!