Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Could This Be My Future?

To those that know my earliest career path desires this should be interesting.
I just got done studying for a final that I have tomorrow morning, so to relax a bit I decide to take 10 minutes to read the papers back in Orlando and Miami before getting some sleep. In the Miami Herald I came across a paragraph in this story that I feel might lend some insight into my future. Here’s the relevant part:

“a graduate of the University of Michigan law school, Kaplan gave up a successful law practice in 1984 after he tired of dealing with complex real estate transactions and construction law cases. He then nearly died of a ruptured appendix during a Las Vegas vacation before returning to South Florida to pursue his new dream of becoming a sportscaster.”

Nagging desire to eventually work in sports journalism? Check.
Law school graduate: Probably in a year and a half.
Successful law practice: Hopefully.
Ruptured appendix: Not if I can avoid it.
Vegas vacation: Certainly.
Inexplicably following a dream in the future: To be determined.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Finals Time

I'm in the midst of finals, thankfully this will all be done in just one short week.
Anyway, I hope to put up my analysis of the Randy Shannon hiring sometime in the next couple days. Needless to say I'm happy.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Happy 50th Larry!

Today is December 7th, time once again to wish the best basketball player ever a happy birthday.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This post is simply a quick break from preparing for finals.

For anyone who’s wondering about who I think should replace Larry Coker (now that my one true Christmas wish was granted and he was fired the day after Thanksgiving) I’ll give you my answer. If I have to choose one candidate right now I’d go with Randy Shannon, our defensive coordinator. Of course, that is assuming that we’d clean house on the offensive side of the ball by firing almost all of the remaining offensive assistant coaches brought in by Coker and replace them with the best new offensive staff we can find.

One persistent rumor is that Texas Tech coach Mike Leach will get the job. I can live with that also, given the fact that Leach is an offensive genius, but I really hope that under that scenario UM finds a way to keep Shannon at defensive coordinator.

While I would prefer Shannon if I had to choose between the two, Mike Leach does have come interesting characteristics that I find quite interesting. 1) He’s one of only 3 coaches in college football who didn’t play football in college. 2) He’s got a law degree. It’s nice to see there is employment for me out there somewhere after graduation, even if it’s as a football coach.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Do you like Jesus? Do you like Rocky also?

If, like me, you said yes to both those questions (and even if you didn’t) click this link.
It’s a web site with tons of free material about religious themes in the upcoming Rocky Balboa (A.K.A. Rocky 6). I’m really impressed with the stuff on the site. First off, go to this page and watch the “Keeping the Faith” trailer, it’s the best compilation video of the first 5 films I’ve ever seen. If for some reason you haven’t seen all 5 previous films by December 22nd watch this before you see Rocky 6. Secondly there’s a really interesting interview with Stallone on this page .
Robbie, Kim, I expect you to implement these materials into your church’s programs immediately. Danny, how about you and I start some sort of research paper for publication?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I believe it can get no better

So, I’m watching football while studying for finals, I look up to the TV and see a commercial for the Superman dvd. Then, immediately after that I see a commercial for the release of the new 2 disc collectors edition of Rocky. It’s as though I’m controlling the entertainment industry.
First a new Superman movie on June 30th and now a new Rocky film coming up on December 22…just thinking about it almost makes me tear up.

There is one down side to this though. I don’t think that I’ll ever be more excited about movie and dvd releases than I am right now. Seriously, I have to be at an entertainment mountain top that I will never be able to reach again. It has to go down from here, there’s no way that I’ll ever have these two franchises release new films and dvds within 8 months of each other…unllleeesss…..Rocky 7 anyone????????