Monday, July 18, 2005

Pictures from the first trip to Pittsburgh

Here are some pictures from my trip to Pittsburgh to look for an apartment.
The view of Pittsburgh from Mount Washington. Me at the top of the incline with the Pittsburgh skyline behind me
The Cathedral of Learning...42 stories of academia.A picture from the 36th floor of the Cathedral showing Oakland and Pittsburgh
This is just a cool looking building across the street from the Law School Building.
Oh yeah, I also found a one bedroom apartment less than a mile from the Law School.

Adam Samons Summer World Tour 2005

Since I am going to Pittsburgh for Law School many people have been wondering when I will be moving and when they can see me. To more effectively handle this situation I present to you
the Adam Samons World Tour Schedule:
  • Today-August 4th: Adam Rocks Orlando from his Mom and Dad's house. [Dates still available]
  • August 5th-August 7th: Adam will be in Canton Ohio (Along with Angelina and Jonathan) and making appearances at various NFL Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies.
  • August 8th: Adam (W/Angelina and Jonathan) sets the streets of Pittsburgh on fire and also appears at the WWE RAW taping at the Mellon Arena that evening.
  • August 9th-17th: Adam plays return dates in Orlando along with encore performances in Miami with Angelina (Miami dates likely to include Amy, Jim, or both).
  • August 18th: Adam returns to Pittsburgh to start the "Adam Pitt Law Tour"