Saturday, January 10, 2009

Airport Paging and In Flight Energy Drinks

I’m in Phoenix on the way from Orlando to Las Vegas and enjoying one of the simple joys of travel, the airport paging system. Until today my favorite airport paging moment was one morning in Orlando when somebody slipped through about 3 fake pages for famous person soundalikes. The only one I remember was Kurian George (Curious George) being constantly paged.

Today the Phoenix airport topped, or at least tied that. First I noticed that the paging voice sounded exactly like Stephen Hawking, so that put me in a good mood right out of the gate. Then, in the middle of its usual short boring announcements the voice of Stephen Hawking unleashed this epic page on the airport.

“Dennis, please call Peter at (---) ***-**** He want to make sure that there will be someone to meet you in Yuma. He understands that you have to go to Terminal 4 to catch that flight.”

I’m still not 100% sure what made it as funny as it is to me, but even the airport employees were laughing at it.

Besides that, I was also surprised by the drink choice of the middle aged Gator fan couple seated next to me on my 5 hour flight to Phoenix. They ordered Monster Energy Drinks. Seriously? Is that really the best thing to drink at the beginning of a completely full 5 hour flight? Exactly what did they think they’d need the extra energy for? Furthermore, who knew that Southwest even served those?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Internet's Birthday Gift to Me

My absolute favorite genre of comedy is the newscaster blooper. Today while surfing the web a bit this gem that was new to me popped up.
This guy's tone and language are changed rather quickly when a bug flies into his mouth.
Is it wrong of me to enjoy newspeople failing so much? Maybe, but either way, enjoy the video.