Monday, February 06, 2006

Good response guys, next time try not to reinforce that stereotype.

I’m sure you guys know about the violence that erupted overseas due to a Danish cartoon depicting the prophet Mohamed wearing a bomb shaped turban. Muslim anger over the cartoon is understandable since Muslims feel it is not ok to depict Mohamed in any form, especially in a derogatory light. Despite this understandable anger Muslim rioting around the Middle East has done absolutely nothing but reinforce the image of their religion that the cartoon portrayed.

While looking around online I found some articles discussing how this situation is just an example of westerners being ignorant of the Islamic religion and as a result insulting Muslims worldwide. There’s some truth to this argument since most westerners don’t have any idea about even the basics of Islam. Unfortunately it’s very hard to get westerners to look past their opinions of Islam when Muslims respond to an offensive cartoon linking their religion to terrorism and violence by starting violent riots that have already claimed multible lives. (In part credit James for that simple yet profound observation).

I’m sure there are those who would say that westerners don’t understand the kind of offense that a Muslim takes to a depiction of Mohamed. Well, I don’t remember deadly riots after the unveiling of Piss Christ.

In the end it's frustrating to me to know that my Muslim friends have to deal with a distorted perception of what they're like due to actions of those half a world away.

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Miss Amy said...

Muslims by and large are oppressive cunts (not to take away from oppressive cuntiness of certain christian sects). I have come to accept that even the ones I know personally will try to validate their stupid religion's stupid rules/prohibitions. I deem anyone who disagrees with the attacks while still somehow qualifying them with a "well but you have to understand..." an oppressive cunt. I reject this line of reason. I don't have to understand anything about a religion in order to categorically condemn the burning of embassies over cartoons. CARTOONS!

That being said, I hapen to know a fair amount about Islam and can still say that the prohibition of images of Mohammed is silly. Idolatry is hardly their biggest concern. So back the fuck off muslims. Back the fuck off. So, my points are that:
1. All religion is a con
2. Islam is exceedingly stupid
3. Denmark is the greatest nation ever

P.S. Look for my new porno starring Mohammed and Miss Piggy.