Monday, May 29, 2006

Back to work and a Few Other Things

-First off happy Memorial Day to everybody and don’t let yourself forget why you got the day off.
-Well, I’m finally starting my job tomorrow. I’m not nervous or anything, actually I’m pretty excited to be working again after so long without a job. It has been a whole 3 weeks since finals ended so I’m feeling well rested.
-If you haven’t been watching the NBA playoffs then start watching tonight. Dwayne Wade has been slicing the Pistons apart and tonight his talents will be showcased on a national stage since the game is being broadcast on ABC.
-X-Men 3 doesn’t disappoint so check it out if you get the chance.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Few Observations From The First Day Back In The Gym

Yesterday I started lifting weights again for the first time in about four or five years. Even though I generally looked and felt like a guy who hadn’t lifted in a while I did notice that there is one benefit to being overweight, when you work out your legs you look almost superhuman. I guess that they’ve gotten used to lugging around so much weight they can’t help but to be strong.
Secondly, why is it that elliptical machines seem to only be used by women? I went back to the gym today to watch the first half of the Cavs – Pistons game while on an elliptical and I was the only guy using one. I can’t figure this out given that other guys apparently have no problem using a treadmill or stationary bikes, oh well.
Lastly, an observation from the NBA: I know he doesn’t fit well with the NBA’s hip hop image but I love ABC's use of Tom Petty music when going to commercials.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Insert Obvious Lame Joke Here.

I guess somebody took the term "packaging peanuts" a little too literally. Okay, feel free to bash me for how bad that joke was, I just couldn't help myself.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Luck, What a Cruel Mistress

While studying the other night I was wondering whether I should polish up my Constitutional Law outline a bit or randomly search online for 3rd circuit cases that may be relevant to the question we were going to be given on the final exam. I decided on polishing the outline, I’m still not sure if this helped at all. Read this posting on my friend’s blog to see the results of choosing the other option.
I think the comment left by my girlfriend sums things up perfectly:
"It's just like those choose your own adventure books...sometimes you find the castle and sometimes you fall down a pit. Only I used to keep my finger in the previous page so I could go back and choose again. So maybe it's not like that at all..."

Saturday, May 06, 2006

What Defines a Great Movie?

One standard I’ve always used to define if a movie is great is whether I have to finish watching it when I randomly find it on basic cable, despite the fact that I already own the movie on DVD. This morning, not too long after I started studying for my last final on Monday, I saw that TNT was running a Rocky marathon (Only I - IV though). Even though I had all of the DVDs sitting only about 6 feet away from me I couldn’t stop watching Rocky after Rocky on TNT. So, at the expense of my law school performance I have once again proven the greatness of the Rocky series.

Also as a side note, one of the perks of being me seems to be that any time a Rocky marathon is on at least one person will at attempt to (or successfully) contact me to make sure that I know about it. I’d like to thank Adam for keeping that streak alive today.