Monday, January 07, 2008

Since My Loan Money Probably Won't Be In For A While

As usual I'm waiting for the school to give me money that I'm probably already paying interest on. How they think I'm going to participate in the first week of classes without being able to buy books is still a mystery to me even after starting 5 of 6 semesters this way. Because of this I think it's the perfect time to post something I've been saving for a time like this. Here goes;

Here's a fun game. Think of a University and see what their web site's front page says they are up to.

University of Florida: Features profiles of promising students, Heisman Trophy winners, renowned faculty, etc.

University of Miami: Student run companies doing stuff, new hospitals, library acquisitions, studies in Hispanic health.

Duquesne: Athletics, student life, etc.

FIU: High faculty rankings and new artwork being added.

Also check out Florida State and Carnegie Mellon just for good measure.

Usually the schools display things that make you think "hey, I'd like to go there," don't they? At the very least you don't really see anything that makes them look stupid.

Next give pitt a shot; hit refresh a few times to see a few of the images they rotate on their front page.
Chances are you saw this image at least once;
(Click on this picture if you didn't see this image or can't read it)

Notice the caption under the picture of the library;

"Hillman Library's first floor entrance has reopened after 23 years."

It sounds like the school is celebrating getting a door fixed. I clicked the article and found out that they even had a ribbon cutting ceremony for this grand achievement. The article also explains that "the 1st-floor entrance was closed in 1984 because Hillman officials determined it had become too expensive to staff circulation desks on both the 1st and ground floors."

Look, I'm all for fiscal responsibility, but promoting the fact your University couldn't afford to keep an entrance to their library open for 23 years doesn't exactly put the school's best foot forward. This school does a lot of great things in the medical field, they should find something like that and put it up there, or just take this image and story down and don't worry about replacing it.

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