Monday, January 07, 2008

American Gladiators, My New Favorite way to Waste an Hour

Tonight American Gladiators debuted on NBC and I was impressed. It's the perfect television guilty pleasure. My Monday's at 8:00 are now spoken for.

I liked Hulk Hogan and Layla Ali as the hosts. Just about all the Gladiators are entertaining to watch. On the men's side "Wolf" and "Justice" were the clear standouts.

As for the female gladiators I like "Crush", mostly because I knew about her before the show ever started. Her real name is Gina Carano and she's the best female mixed martial artist in the world. If your curious about her fighting career you can find plenty of video on YouTube.

Lastly, I've found a competitor to root for, at least on the women's side. Her name is Venus Ramos and she won in an amazing comeback tonight. More important than that is the fact she went to UM. That's right, even with American Gladiators it's all about The U.

I even found this cool UM tribute video on her Myspace profile:

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Dan said...

Awesome I am excited about this show coming back, there is a vote for everyone's favorite Gladiator, you should ad your votes in...

My favorites are Crush (hottie) and Venom