Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Dunk Contest Is Back!

Back in the day the NBA Dunk Contest used to be like an oficial holiday for me and every other basketball fan. Then, somehow it got boring. So boring that the NBA actaully ditched it for a few years before bringing it back. Even since it returned it's never really been the same though, the prevailing theory is that essentially everything that could be done had been done. I watched last year only to see my man, Dwight Howard of the Magic, get robbed by the judges. This year I was so jaded that I spent the evening playing board games with some friends instead, but after hearing about what went down I realized I had to find some video online. Here are the highlights from that show this generation of dunkers has brought creativity back. More importantly, below is the video of this years champion Dwight Howard finding a way to work my favorite team and favorite superhero into one dunk

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