Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Valencia Pride!

Looks like the Brain Bowl powerhouse that is my alma mater is finally getting the credit it deserves. However they apparently can’t answer sports questions now which is shameful. As a remedy to this I pledge to start the “Adam Samons Valencia Brain Bowl Sports-Trash Player Scholarship” as soon as I make enough money.
Read the story here: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/features/lifestyle/orl-brainbowl05oct22,0,3743988.story?coll=orl-living-headlines


Danny Garland Jr. said...

The team is no good without you man! They need to sit down and watch highlights on ESPN Classic or at least reruns on the Sunshine Network!! It's too bad you didn't leave your legacy behind! It's a shame. Such a shame!

Miss Amy said...

all the questions i ever needed to answer I learned from watching HBO documentaries and espn classic (recommended by adam). in addition to a scholarship, there needs to be a two week course during the summer taught by Ermel including special seminars on Larry Byrd, the wrestling film genre and making trash a staple of your quiz bowl diet.