Thursday, October 13, 2005

These boots were made for walking

So today I went to my favorite thrift store and what did I find? A great pair of cowboy boots. Now I’ve never owned a pair of these, but for the low low price of $9.95 I couldn’t pass them up. Sure the tops of them are a little rough, but my pants will be over that part and the visible part of the boots looked great. So I put them on right after leaving the store and continued to wear them until I got home around 7:30. Now that’s one of the great little pleasures in life, getting back home wearing different shoes than you left in that morning.

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Miss Amy said...

How wonderful! When I come up I will bring the boots Angelina's lovely roommate Tara gave me and we can go two-steppin'. But I dont know any line dances and I"m skeptical they have those sorts of places in Pittsburgh. So we'll just go to some random bars in Oakland and bring a radio.