Saturday, November 04, 2006

Last Chance to Save a Season

UM's game in on national television tonight. In the grand scheme of college football it's a meaningless game. There are no national, conference, or divisional championship ramifications. However for the Canes it is is big game, it's the last chance to save some face. Up to this point we've been a team that couldn't win against a decent opponent and got into a stupid brawl against against a team that is anything but decent. A win tonight against a ranked Virginia Tech team is the only thing that can keep the program relevant. The game just kicked off, here's hoping we see a different team than we've seen up to now.


MikeDrex said...

Your team blew it. What a bunch of thugs

Rust Belt said...

I thought by Last Chance to Save a Season you were referring to the Steelers... well, guess both teams blew it.

Adam Samons said...

Thugs with a better graduation rate and lower crime rate than any other major program over the last decade.

MikeDrex said...

Now your beloved "Thug U" has some real issues? why would recruits go to a school were you can possibly get murdered at?

Adam, you may want to go back to the "Fat and Happy Gator fan Days". That program is looking might good right now.

I wouldn't poke fun of you for abandoning "Thug U". Murder is a good exemptionary card. I'll excuse that one.

Hell now I'm waiting for someone in the Lions organization to get killed. I would love to drop that team.

Adam Samons said...

I won't be dropping the most doninant and revolutionary team of the last 25 years anytime soon.
Having a player murdered every so often just comes with having a University in the City of Miami. Luckily for you Detroit is about the only city more unsafe than Miami, so you might get your wish any time now.

The bad thing is that even though we haven't deserved our thug reputation for over a decade it has stayed with us, though if we still recruited thugs and adopted the Bobby Bowden method of suspending said thugs we'd probably be winning a few more games.