Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Finding Long Lost Fast Food Friends

As I type this I am both satisfied and miserably stuffed, full of fast food Italian the likes of which I though I'd never see again. Yes, I just went to Fazoli's. 

Not a big deal you say? I beg to differ. I thought the chain had gone out of business years ago when all their Florida locations that I am aware of were shuttered. So tonight's dinner felt more like a reunion with an old friend...or perhaps an old acquaintance, I never really frequented Fazoli's when it was in Florida anyway. Ok, yeah, it was a reunion with an old acquaintance, but one that I was always very fond of,  I did enjoy the occasional visit after all. Perhaps that fact also lent tonight's meal an aura of exoticness that any fast food place has no business evoking. 

So, chalk this up as another benefit to life on the road. If you can call being so full you can barely move a benefit. 

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