Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Care Thoughts With an Animated GIF of the Whammy

These are just my initial reactions to today's Supreme Court decision. I hope to find time to edit them a bit later, but in case I don't here they are as is.

To my surprise the SCOTUS upheld the new healthcare law and did so in what I found to be the most convincing and honest argument for its being upheld. Finding the law's mandate to actually be a tax shifts the terminology to a more realistic linguistic plain upon which these sorts of issues should be debated. Instead of talking about mandates and penalties it keeps it in the conventional realm of "if you want more services you'll have to pay more in taxes."

Personally, I'm not sold on all aspects of the bill, but at the end of the day find myself supporting it. I do hope that the impacts on small businesses won't be dire, but the impacts of the current system are already dire to those who aren't wealthy enough to acquire great coverage.

I spent a year filing bankruptcies professionally. The most common cause of those filings were medical costs. We can't run our nation like a game of Press Your Luck where those in the middle or lower class just hope they don't land on the bad health Whammy
I find it very unfortunate nobody seems to gain any mainstream traction talking about the inefficiency of our current (or should I now say former?) health care model. Conservatives love to knock the quality of universal health care, but we are paying more than those countries for a lesser quality of coverage.

Lastly, it's hard to wrap my mind around the situation the laws biggest opponents are in. They are wholeheartedly opposed to, and seemingly morally outraged by, a law that was birthed by a conservative think tank and first implemented on a state level by the current Republican candidate for president. I'm not saying that this position is totally untenable (Romney's plan was a State plan, this is federal, etc) it's just a pretty precarious spot to be in when videos like this are readily available;

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