Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Annoying Day

These are just a few of the things that make me very happy that I start 5 days a week with Muay Thai or Jiu-Jitsu class;

-Awkwardly timed traffic lights leaving me with tough decisions on whether to slam on the breaks or chance a possible camera enforced red light ticket.
-Web browsers with minute malfunctions leading me to have to use 3 different browsers to check my bank balance.
-Gas pumps that take a $73 deposit that doesn't clear for 3 days.
-Forgetting to charge my cell phone on one of the very few days I'll actually need to use it to call some people.
-Limited healthy eating options.

In the grand scheme of things none of these things are tragic and won't matter much at all. However when they seem to be clustered together, along with many other annoyances, in one day it's not enjoyable. This video was shared on my facebook today, I find that fact very appropriate (Language NSFW).

Things are looking up though, only 9 hours 15 minutes until Muay Thai Class.

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