Sunday, February 20, 2011

"As if Every Thought that Tumbles Through Your Head was so Clever it Would be a Crime for it Not to be Shared."

(Yeah, it's that good)

Saw The Social Network last night. This isn't news to anybody, but this movie is fantastic. The dialog hits you at a breakneck speed and is a challenge well worth accepting.

At least to me this movie is a tale of old money versus new money. A story of how a group of stately "Harvard Men" simply can't comprehend, nor properly react to, an outsider geek getting over on them.

In one of the movie's most telling exchanges a young Mark Zuckerburg is chided by his business partner, Eduardo, over having potential facebook interns compete for their positions in a competition that equal part drinking game and hacking competition. Mark responds that this competition is at least as relevant as having to care for a chicken, a task Eduardo has been saddled with by his prestigious "finals club" for which he is pledging.

This kind of old world tradition v. new economy efficiency rings throughout the movie and is an inspiration to anyone who hopes to create their own enterprise. A certain DVD purchase for me once I can get around to it.

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