Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun Stuff to Walk On

I've long believed that major sports championship rings are the male equivalent to wedding rings for women. Seriously, when a guy walks into a room wearing one of these:you can be sure he'll have a circle of guys asking questions about when it happened and how he got it.

While I was testing for a police job in Vegas a couple weeks ago another guy obsession became clear to me.

As we finished our vertical jumps and made our way to football field to wait for the mile and a half of running to begin we seemingly all at once realized that we were standing on the finest, most advanced outdoor playing field modern man has produced, Field Turf.

It didn't take guys long to begin dragging their feet to watch the trademark bits of rubber fly up behind their feet. Guys 10 or 15 years past their high school football careers started running half speed versions of the patterns they last ran on regular grass. We pretty much all agreed it was the coolest surface any of us had ever walked on.

In case you don’t know Field Turf uses a base of ground up rubber and sand along with fake blades of grass to almost perfectly replicate the feel and bounce of natural grass, but more cushiony and consistent. I’ve walked on old school AstroTurf at Tropicana Field in Tampa and thought it was almost inhumane that athletes had to play on such a crappy surface. Now, after seeing Field Turf up close I think I want to order some for my yard when I finally buy a house.

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