Saturday, February 28, 2009

That was Timely, Unlike this Post

Conversation I had on the morning of February 16th while at work:
(Leading up to this there was general banter about pets)
Co-Worker: What I really miss having is a chimp.
Me: You had a chimp as a pet? I always wanted that as a kid how was it?
C0-Worker: Yeah, I had one when I was growing up in Venezuela. It was great man, they're so cool.
Me: What about keeping them up, do they make a big mess?
C0-Worker: Nah, not really. Just so long as you keep them in a diaper it's really easy. Otherwise they might start throwing their crap or something.

News article I see on the afternoon of February 16th:
Chimp Attacks Woman in Stamford

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robs said...

the news story was amusing, until it dropped what we would have seen travis in... and then suddenly it was like...omg, we knew this monkey.... and then it became sad