Thursday, September 04, 2008

600 People in the Stands and 1 Weirdo in Pittsburgh Watching on a Laptop

Yesterday's Marlins game was attended by only 600 people. Being one of the few, the proud, the true Marlins fans, I'm used to bizarre stories of lacking fan interest like this one. As much as I hate to admit it, I can't blame the fans for staying home.

I've been to a Summer day game at Dolphins Stadium. It was back in the Summer of 2003, at the time the Marlins were well below .500 and playing the Montreal Expos. I forgot to wear a hat and sunburned my head really bad for the first and only time. This sunburn led to a wicked staph infection on my head...I still wish I had pictures of that thing. Since I don't here's a picture that'll give you an idea of how it looked. So yeah, it's okay to stay at home for the day games until they finally get that retractable stadium built downtown. Even though I'll excuse the fans for staying home I did watch the game on my laptop, which is a really weird feeling. Is it an indication that something is wrong with me that I'm paying to watch a game on my laptop that only 600 people wanted to attend in person?

Oh well, at least they've won 2 world series...

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