Saturday, September 06, 2008

UM v. UF Thoughts As They Happen

Since I was in an empty house during the UM v. UF game I found myself live blogging my thoughts to the game as a means of relieving my need to talk about what happened. I've included the final observations below, and if you feel that reading the entirety of my thoughts on game pertinent for some reason you can check out the first comment to this post for the full review.

26-3 Final
We saw what many people expected, we're young, we're quick, and we're good enough to hang with an elite team on the road for about 3 quarters. I'm never happy with a loss, but the way these guys played should comfort anybody who was concerned about the direction Randy Shannon has this program going at the beginning of his second year.

Here's hoping that Florida stays healthy all year and makes a run for the SEC and National Titles.

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Adam Samons said...

1st Half Observations:

Matt Bosher's first half experiences pretty much summed up our whole team's half. 1st he came out shaky, shanking a punt. Then he responded by drilling a clutch 50 yarder. Next he got a kick blocked, but responded by sticking the returner with a nice tackle on the ensuing kickoff. He's been the main reason behind both our successes and failures so far and I like his attitude. It's the most entertainment a punter has provided in one half in quite a while.

Marve is the real deal. I'm feeling really good about having him under center for the next few years.

Even though Jacory Harris didn't put up any huge plays or anything, but in his second game ever, as a freshman, he has played smarter than any other quarterback we've had since Brock Berlin. Sometimes there's a lot to be said for knowing when to just throw the ball away.

Florida gets the ball first here in the second half, should be interesting to see what they might have changed up.

Even though a lot can still happen in the next 30 minutes of playing time, I'm still feeling good.

2nd Half Observations:

Bosher just picked up his second great tackle on the 2nd half kickoff. I like this guy.

We've already waisted 2 timeouts in the 2nd half? The 2nd one was on a 2nd and 1. Seriously? We need an extra 60 to talk about how we're going to pick up 36 inches on the next 2 plays? Hopefully Nix had/has something big planned for this next play.

This quote from Kirk Herbstreit is the best evidence that the Canes have our great old fashion speed again: "You cannot get to the sideline against the Miami Hurricane defense" That hasn't been the case lately.

Now that we're down by 13 I think Nix has to see exactly how much Marve can do. Here's hoping we try to stretch the feild a little bit here.

Hankerson has dropped a couple important passes tonight, but he's just a freshman, so I can't complain too much. He's also made a couple good grabs, tis the curse of being such a young team I guess.

Musberger saying that we're seeing some mental fatigue with that personal foul is right. Like I just said about Hankerson, it's the downside to being so young.

Seeing that ball come loose reminded me of how clean a game we've seen so far with no turnovers.

Shawn Spence just leveled a huge hit on somebody behind the line of scrimmage. We held steady on defense after that touchdown for UF got called back and even though the score is getting a little bit out of hand, we haven't given up like we would have last year.

There is one thing I can say for Harris over Marve. Marve just took a needless sack when he could have thrown the ball out of play. In similar situations Harris always seems to get rid of the ball in time.

Bosher with another big hit. I love that the kid can take care of business but you know that the punt coverage is shaky when the kicker is putting up decent tackle numbers.