Saturday, September 06, 2008

UM v. UF 2008

Anyone who has looked over the television schedule today probably knows I'll be in front of the tv by 8:00 tonight for UM v. UF. Over 20 years as a Gator before becoming a UM alum kind of dictates that nothing will be distracting me from the game.

Nobody is expecting a UM victory here. Not even the few media members and outlets usually friendly to the Canes give them a chance, and for good reason. When you go 5-7 last year and get blown out by Virginia there's really no reason to be picked on the road against a team like Florida.

Despite that backdrop I can't help but have a good feeling about today's game for the Canes. Last year's Hurricanes team would have been decimated, the difference is that this isn't last year's team. Coach Shannon informed many quitters and lesser talented players from last year's roster that their services would no longer be needed. He's also infused the roster with a ton of young talent. My hope, and the only hope that the Canes really have today is that the freshmen and sophomores that Shannon has brought in really are that good and are to young to believe what everyone else thinks; that they don't have a prayer in the Swamp.

Simply stated, today I'm feeling like the Canes are young enough, talented enough, and crazy enough to pull the major upset here. Sure, I'm picking with my heart, but what's the fun in sports if you can't hope for the improbable from time to time.

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