Sunday, August 10, 2008

Basketball Can't Get Much Better for Me

I'm sitting here watching the U.S. v. China mens basketball game and I have to remark about how much I love this U.S. team. Watching Dwight Howard and D-Wade play together is like watching an episode of Superfriends for me. Oh yeah, lets not forget that Kobe and Lebron are out there too.

Speaking of D-Wade, he looks like he's finally getting back to his Finals MVP form of a couple years ago. Lightning quick, fearless drives to the hole, I'm quite pleased.

It's nearing halftime and we're only up by 3, but that's mostly because the Chinese perimeter players have been on fire from three point range. Should be good viewing in every game they play.

Okay, I just saw D-Wade throw a sick alley-oop to Lebron James. Time for less typing and more watching.

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