Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Stuff I'm Watching While I'm not at Work or Doing Bar Prep

I can't go to sleep after watching that great Pens v. Red Wings game tonight. I'm really lucky to have lived in two towns that have had teams go so deep into the playoffs while I've been there. Back in Miami I oversaw the Marlins and Heat winning championships and here in Pittsburgh my Midas touch bestowed a Super Bowl title to the Steelers and hopefully a Stanley Cup to the Pens with a little luck.

The cool thing about living in a town at a time like this is the inexplicable exchanges you have with strangers about hockey. I just stepped outside to put something in the mail and my next door neighbors were out on their porch and greeted me with "lets go Pens!" This exchange wasn't quite as weird as the one I had a couple of weeks ago when a guy dialed the wrong number and got me on my cell phone. After explaining that I wasn't the guy named Joe that he was looking for he ended the call with "oh, okay, sorry about that. But go Pens anyway right?!"

On top of all this we've got something I've been waiting on for a long time starting on Thursday: Lakers. Celtics. NBA Finals. Brian's got his team, I've got mine, should be fun.

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