Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Was Right

When I blogged about my frustration with pittsburgh over my 2 popped tires in one trip back in February somebody stumbled upon the post and left a comment defending the city. After reading the comment I quickly added a reply comment, fleshing out my opinion on the things they brought up. The comments are worth a read just to get a couple different perspectives on what direction the city of pittsburgh is going.

Some of the person's points were good, but yesterday I got confirmation that my overarching thesis is still correct: pittsburgh, like all other cold weather cities, will always have potholes, but that still doesn't excuse the city for being completely inept at using the taxes they collect to improve the situation. I claim victory in this debate thanks to this story from KDKA: Pothole Patching Problem Halts Road Work.

Here's the knockout blow from the article: "They say the mix that is intended to prevent potholes is instead causing them."

Also watch the video on the right side of the page about the story, the visuals of the potholes are great.

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