Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Thanks to the early childhood influences of Alfred Tidwell and Tim Mears I've been a Celtics fan for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately for me that meant only seeing the end of the Bird/McHale/Parrish era and seeing a lot of bad basketball afterword.

From M.L. Carr running the team, to the Garden closing (at the hands of my beloved Orlando Magic no less), to Red Auerbach passing away, times haven't been all that good. Well, none of that matters now, seeing this great team play made it all worth it.

I feel especially good for Paul Pierce. He's been the only bright spot in recent Celtics history. After spending so much time stranded on mediocre or bad Celtics teams he finally got a chance to shine and took full advantage of it, bringing home the Finals MVP Award.

Also, a special congrats goes out to Doc Rivers. He's done a great job coaching both of my favorite teams. In fact, he was the coach for 2 of my favorite NBA seasons of all time, this year obviously, and the 1999 "Heart and Hustle" Orlando Magic. In addition to all that Angelina can tell you he's a great tipper since she served him at the Winter Park Starbucks during his entire stint in Orlando.

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Danny Garland Jr. said...

How fitting that after 22 years, the team we beat is the Lakers!
Oh, by the way, check this out: http://gmy.news.yahoo.com/v/8436552
I think it may be too late to enter though.