Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AdamSamons.com Saves You Money

One of the few meat items that I truly craved when I was a vegetarian was chili from Wendy's. It's a far better chili that I would ever expect could come from a fast food place and the price is really good. It's always a staple of my diet when I'm not a vegetarian.

While riding around on business with dad back in middle school and high school we realized that it looked like two small orders of Wendy's chili (at 99 cents each) would be a better buy than getting one large (at a price of $1.98). This very topic came up amongst some friends yesterday and so I decided I'd get the answer once and for all today. Below are the results from my experiment.

First up I zeroed out my scale:

Next I pour in the large order of chili, it weighs 355 grams. That's 355 grams for $1.98. That's a cost of 0.55 cents per gram.

I zero out my scale again.

And the two small chillies poured in. Together they also cost $1.98. Their combined weight is 505 grams. That's a cost of 0.39 cents per gram.

So there you have it. When you're really hungry for Wendy's chili do yourself a favor and order two small chilli's instead of a large. If you were wondering, yes, one major motivation for doing this post was so I'd have an excuse to stockpile some chili for today's lunch and dinner.

After writing out this post I realize that I should probably be studying for the bar right now. But I guess if the law thing doesn't work out I may have a career as a low budget consumer advocate.

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