Monday, March 17, 2008

One Way to Pay for Law School I Guess

Being a law student I get to hear all the classic lawyer jokes. I really don't mind, sometimes they're actually funny and the rest of the time the person telling them is either just making innocent small talk or trying to feel better about themselves.

Today I read an interesting little story about an island where money (allegedly) washes ashore every day. The downside, at least for me, is that cocaine also washes ashore. It's stories this this that convince me lawyers aren't anywhere near as bad as their reputation would have you believe. If most lawyers truly lived up to the lawyer jokes then you can rest assured that they'd be living on this island. Here are some details on the island from the link:

"Bluefields is an island off the coast of Nicaragua located directly between the cocaine labs of Colombia and the 300 million noses of the United States.

Everyday, cocaine smugglers using very small, very fast boats try and shoot undetected to the States, but when the Coast Guard swoops in, the traffickers toss the cocaine and cash overboard, both to eliminate evidence and lighten their load in an escape attempt...

...Everyday, the 50 thousand inhabitants of Bluefields comb the beach searching for the “White Lobster.” On average, they find 35 kilos of cocaine a day along with tens of thousands of cold wet cash."

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