Saturday, October 20, 2007

In a Rivalry it Always Matters

I had to spend far more time in a Dave & Buster's than most people could have stood, but it was more than worth it to watch the Canes pull out a victory against FSU in Tallahassee (not that I don't like Dave & Buster's, but anything gets old after too long). Sure, both teams are mediocre this year, but it was a very fun game to watch and thankfully it may have brought the concept of offense back into the rivalry.

The rest of the schedule this year looks tough for UM, but hopefully we can overachieve and really make something out of this season.

In other news;

-Congratulations to Vanderbuilt, beating a top 10 team for the first time in 70 seasons. If you're an SEC fan with a soul you are at least a little bit of a Vandy fan and always hope they can pull out a big win after so many years as the doormat of the conference, just so long as that win isn't against your team.

-I could watch a Tim Tebow quarterbacked team play all day every day. It's just a pleasure. While watching UM-FSU on the screen directly in front of me Florida v. Kentucky was on. Getting to see all 3 (historyically powerful, sorry USF. I've enjoyed your run this year and have rooted for you, but you need to string a few good years like this together before you make the "3 teams from Florida" into the "4 teams from Florida) Flordia teams play simultaniously was nice.

Now I'm off to the Fox and Hound for UFC 77, what a great day.

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