Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I Wonder When They'll Diagnose This Disorder

Tonight I'm at the library putting the finishing touches on a writing project. I've been really diligent too, I haven't done any online shopping and I haven't gone to any web sites to distract myself like I sometimes do (except for posting this of course).

However, even at my most diligent I can't ever seem to just sit down and study continuously like most of those sitting around me. Every 10 minutes or so I find myself getting up and walking around for no reason.

I was going to the bathroom. Did I really need to use the bathroom? No, but I was going anyway.

Once the bathroom got boring I started looking out windows and reading stuff on the professors' doors.

Now I've gone to just walking laps around the third floor...

I'm going to leave before too much longer.

I've always thought that hanging out too long at the law school makes you a little bit crazier, now I'm certain.

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