Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Short Update

School has started, but I've only had one class so far. Wednesdays and Thursdays are stacked for me, so I'll have a better idea of how much I like this semester's classes in the next 48 hours. So far I'm liking it though.

For those interested, I'll have a lot more pictures of my time of Philly online soon. Probably over the weekend.

I'm still waiting for pitt to receive my loan money (or more likely realize that they have received my money). It's nothing egregious yet, but given the school's past track record I'm keeping an eye on it.

Lastly, if you're wondering why I'm hyping the sport of mixed martial arts and the UFC so much lately I have a television recommendation for you. The show is Human Weapon, it's on the History Channel Fridays at 8:00 PM, with replays at 10:00 PM and Saturday mornings at 2:00 AM. In the show two guys go around learning about and training in the fighting style of the country they're in and at the end they take on an experience fighter in their own fighting style. This show is so good it took Angelina from hating mixed martial arts to enjoying it on Saturday night as we watched Randy Couture continue his title reign even though he broke his arm in the fight.

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