Thursday, August 02, 2007

If You Only Watch One Movie This Summer...Don't Watch This One posted this reaction to the trailer (seen above) for what is being billed as "the first documentary about the U.S. law school system." I've got to say that I agree with just about everything the fine folks at quizlaw said. I hate to judge an entire movie by it's trailer, but honestly, given what I'm seeing I think I almost can. I encourage you to read the quizlaw post, they hit on just about all my complaints, but I've got a little to add.

Instead of watching this documentary, let me save you $10. Just sneak into any law school orientation later this month and you'll probably hear everything this movie will tell you; "Law school will change you, hopefully for the better" "Law school will teach you how to think" "You will never think the same way again." If this is true of anyone's law school experience then I am profoundly saddened that they developed so late in life. I'm not saying that I haven't gained anything from law school, I've gained a lot. But, if law school totally revolutionizes you as a person you're probably either buying into the hype way too much or you never bothered to critically think about much in your lifetime.

From the looks of the trailer the film is just going to reiterate all the things that law school professors and deans say when they want to make the law school experience seem venerated and novel. In reality many of us who have gone through, or are going through, law school know that these these kinds of statements just show how antiquated and flawed the law school experience is.

I sincerely hope this is just a very poorly done trailer, as quizlaw notes, there's a lot of potential on this subject. I know this first hand. There's a reason that my friend Danny left an "end of the intramural volleyball season" party at MadMex wondering why there weren't any television shows based on the lives of law students.

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