Wednesday, July 25, 2007

UM Is On The Way Back, So Of Course I'm Going To Take Some Credit

I really liked UM's hiring of Randy Shannon when I first heard it. Now, I love it.

Back on December 31, 2005 I noted how the UM football program had lost its way. You might remember that I suggested 4 simple steps to start getting the program back on track. Today I learned that Shannon has taken action and partially fulfilled step #2. That's right folks, my favorite rapper/1st Amendment and copyright law pioneer, Luther Campbell is back in the fold.

Here's the news from the Miami Herald:
"Rapper Luther Campbell says he appreciates how Randy Shannon has welcomed him back to the UM family. 'Randy called the first recruiting day and said, `Luke, I want you to come down here.' And I said, 'You sure?' He said, 'Yeah.' Whatever I can do to help him out, I'm here for.''

Campbell runs an Optimist club in Liberty City, and some of those players could end up Canes. Shannon invited him to bring 8,000 kids to the Georgia Tech game.

Campbell, aware UM had tried to distance itself from him, said, ''I understand they were trying to clean up their image, but I wasn't part of the problem. All I ever did was tell Jerome Brown, Melvin Bratton, Darrell Fullington to go in the right direction.'' But Campbell won't ask for a sideline pass: ``It's too hot.''

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