Saturday, July 28, 2007

Googling Yourself: An Exercise In 21st Century Narcissism

Because, as Terrell Owens would say, “I love me some me” I googled my name this evening. I do this regularly, but this is the first time I’ve noticed any meaningful changes in the results. Here’s what I found:

- Another Adam Samons has popped up in the first page of results for the first time. Apparently this Adam Samons has an Xbox, because the link is to his Xbox Live online gaming statistics. I hope he keeps playing and improving his stats, do our name proud Adam, or else I’ll have to buy an Xbox and challenge you to a game of Madden 08 for the right to use our name in online gaming.

- The link to the NLSA newsletter that I contributed to has remained remarkably high in the google rankings for my name.

- My mixed martial arts and wrestling interview recaps for Between the Ropes continue to increase the overall number of returns for my name.

- My brain bowl stats are getting a little scattered in the mix. So, to make me feel better about this I’m going to do some reminiscing on my time on Valencia’s team. Here goes:

The 2003 NAQT Sectionals : This was probably my favorite tournament ever. The long lost Jason Thorpe, James Baker, Angelina, and myself combined to win the tournament, insuring that at least one team from Valencia would get to go to Nationals at UCLA (thanks to the strong performance by our other team whom we beat in the finals of this tournament 2 teams got to go to UCLA). Why is it my favorite? I averaged roughly 20 points a game. That was usually what I did on a good day, however, that wasn’t any normal day. I had James Baker on my team and he averaged 120 points per game. So, even with Baker scoring like a maniac I was able to maintain a respectable average. I’m frusturated that for some reason this seems to be the lowest ranked result of all my stats.

My stats from the 2003 Nationals at UCLA: I wound up with a 14 point average, had a great time, and rode a mechanical bull at Saddle Ranch the night before the tournament started. I’m content with that.

Fall 2002 ACF at UF : 18 point average, and a good time in Gainesville. Annoyingly, my stats from the 2003 tournament show up on top of these. The 2003 tournament was my worst statistical outing ever, but at least my team won, beating FSU in the finals.

Lastly, the page chronicling our 2003 year: There are a couple of inaccuracies (1. I was the second highest scorer at Dalton by average, 2. I was not involved in a swimming race at a hotel in L.A., in reality I was watching Syracuse win the NCAA Basketball Tournament) but this is a good read for some good old fashion community college nostalgia.

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