Friday, July 06, 2007

Due To Popular Demand...Pictures!

Here's the ridiculousness that I'm living in, truly, I don't want to leave.
Here's what I see on my right when I'm sitting on the couch in the living room:

Here's a better view from that window:

This is the view of the street below. The Irish Pub that Rocky Jr. hangs out at in the movie is at the top center of the picture. It's where the sidewalk becomes brick:

Another view of the skyline, this time you can see some of the street also:
And here's what I see then I sit on the couch and look to the left:
The only really notable thing from this window that can't be seen in the other is a church next door. Right now the sun is in the way, so check back for an update with a picture of the church. For photos from outside my apartment you can click here for my webshots album with 25 pictures and guest appearances by Jonathan, Rocky Balboa, and the House of Cheese.

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Mike said...

wow nice place bro