Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rocky Jr. is My Neighbor

On top of all the other reasons Philadelphia (generally) and my apartment (specifically) are great here's one more. It's just to the right of the apartment building where Robert (Rocky Jr.) lives in Rocky Balboa. The Irish Pub that Rocky's son hangs out at after work (Pictured above and seen in 3 scenes in the film) is also across the street from my building. Ever since I moved in I thought it looked like the place in the movie, but I just today did some research and paused the movie to make sure since there is another Irish Pub like that in town.

Also, my building's entrance can be seen in one scene in the film. After Rocky's son exits the Irish Pub and heads across the street to his apartment (the building next to mine) Rocky stops him to let him know he's thinking of fighting again. Behind Rocky throughout the scene is the entrance to my place. If you've got the DVD this scene starts at 38 minutes and 54 seconds into the movie.

In a related note I played trivia at the bar next to the Irish Pub last night and it was pretty easy. So please people, come visit me so we can have a formidable team. As an added bonus we can reenact the scene from Rocky Balboa on the walk home across the street if you'd like. I'll even let you choose which character you'd like to be.

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