Friday, June 01, 2007

Lebron is this year's Wade and other stuff

After D-Wade had his coming out party in last year's playoffs it looks like Lebron figured it was time for his coming out party in this year's playoffs. Last night he had 48 points in the Cavs double OT victory in Detroit. Even more amazingly Lebron had 29 of the Cavs last 30 points, including all of the team's last 25 points. This is why I love basketball, because one man can load a team up on his back and will them to victory if he is good enough. In no other sport can this happen in exactly the same way; football: no, to many different position and you only play one side of the ball. Baseball: Same. Hockey & Soccer: If your goalie isn't good you don't have a chance.
Now I'm just waiting for the D-Wade vs Lebron match up in the playoffs. It's coming, hopefully next year.

I made it through security and am flying without an ID again. I'll be in Philly for the summer by 7:00 tonight. I'm very excited.

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