Friday, May 25, 2007

Random Thoughts and Observations While in Philly Part 1:

- I got about 15 minutes of relationship advice by eavesdropping on a woman's conversation on the way in to Center City. Apparently if you or your partner do 66% or more of the talking in a relationship your relationship has issues. She also said that to be a leader in a group you need to talk %10 more than the other people (by proportion) in your group (I didn't say that very clearly. Example: if you're in a group of 3 you need to do 43% of the talking). Glad to know I don't have to ready any self help books for a while thanks to that woman, she admitted to having read them all.

- Philly's public transit seems awesome so far. I love it. Now if only they could work on the airport...
- If you ever come to Philly do yourself a favor and take the public rail into downtown and then find a place to rent a car. I know it's adding extra steps, but if you go into Center City this way the town looks amazing. If you rent a car at the airport and drive north into the city your view will be tainted by the refineries and stuff.
- I owe much of my success in life to modern technology. After hearing some people on the airplane talking about the old days of having to type out term papers on typewriters I realized I never would have even gone to college if I had to do that.

- Lastly, if you're looking for entertainment this Saturday night then find a place in your area to watch UFC 71. I'm hoping for Rampage Jackson in an upset. He's probably the most charismatic athleat around today. He's a walking sound bite. If he were in any sport other than MMA you'd see him everywhere.

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