Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Dream Realized.

Last year during the summer I would occasionally see and chat with Darren, a guy I know from law school, on the bus to our jobs and at the gym in the afternoon. I became jealous of his job once I found out the firm he worked for had a really relaxed dress code, specifically Darren was able to wear shorts to work. As a result I half-jokingly told some people that I was only going to apply to the firm where Darren worked for my employment this summer (which is now only a couple weeks away). Well, when I said that to some friends a few months ago my dreams were dashed as they told me that Darren worked for an all Black law firm (Darren is an African-American). Luckily the story doesn't just end here anymore…

As most of you know I recovered from my disappointment and secured a job I wanted really badly with the RIAA this summer. Well, that news got even better yesterday. When talking with my boss about what days and hours I’d work she let me know that the dress code at the RIAA was really relaxed, so relaxed in fact that I could wear shorts! I suppose the moral to the story is never give up your dreams or something like that.

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