Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A television guilty pleasure

The next cast for Dancing with the Stars has been announced and my sister's (and my) favorite Olympic male speed skater of all time is on it. Yup, Apolo Anton Ohno will be cutting a rug in prime time along with Clyde Drexler, female boxer Laila Ali, Billy Ray Cyrus, and a few other people I don't care about. This lineup once again has we wondering how on earth this show continues to put together groupings of people I'm actually interested in.
For example:
1st Season: Evander Holyfeild and Trista from the Bachelor (I really don't care about her reality TV credentials, just the fact that she's a Miami alum. It's all about The U.)
2nd Season: Master P, Lisa Rinna (My favorite female soap opera actress), Stacy Keibler, and Jerry Rice.
3rd Season: Emmit Smith, Tucker Carlson, and A.C. Slater (or as he's known to non Saved by the Bell fans Mario Lopez).
If you were to tell me a couple of years ago that there would be a show where random B level celebrities took part in a dancing contest I would have put the chances of me watching it at about 2%-3%. That is the genius of good casting.

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