Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A statement on the legal job market?

Today in one of my classes the professor noted that it will only be about 2 months until the 3Ls in our class graduate. Then she asked how many 3Ls we had in our class, about 12-13 people raised their hands. She then followed that up by asking how many students had jobs lined up, the result, only 2 people. At first I figured that this was just an example of some of those 3Ls observing the common law school courtesy of not admitting they had jobs, so as to avoid making the jobless feel bad about themselves. That inclination was dispelled after the students began lamenting about their joblessness.
What does this mean? I don't know, I just found it interesting. Instead of trying to analyze it I think I'll just watch this video a few more times and read this post.

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