Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Few Post-Super Bowl Thoughts:

-I forgot in my earlier post to mention one of my favorite events on any Super Bowl Sunday, the Puppy Bowl. This is the third year that the Animal Planet Network has countered the Super Bowl with hours of puppies frolicking and playing in a room decorated like a football stadium. I really love this show. Though I almost forgot about it this year I was fortunate enough to catch a replay. In my opinion the Puppy Bowl has been more entertaining than Super Bowl itself for the last two years. This year they even upped the cuteness ante with a Kitty Halftime Show! The only downside to this year's Puppy Bowl was a distinct lack of camera time for Dachshunds , oh well, maybe we'll get more Dachshunds next year. For more info and even some videos from Puppy Bowl III check out the Puppy Bowl website.

- Ok, so the Bears didn’t win. But, at least UM Alum and Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne got a Super Bowl ring to go along with his 53 yard touchdown catch. That’s the great thing about being a Canes fan, no matter what 2 teams are playing you’re likely to have something to celebrate.

-Speaking of Canes, I believe I was right when I said Hester would put on a show. I intentionally waited until after the game started to leave for my friend’s house so that I wouldn’t miss the opening kickoff because I knew Hester had a chance to make some history as the first man to return the opening kickoff all the way. Sure, he didn’t do much after the opening kickoff, but then again the rest of his team didn’t do that much more either.

-Even with the Bears losing I couldn’t help but feel good for Tony Dungy. Especially considering what a great job he did to bring Tampa Bay from being the joke of the NFL to Super Bowl contenders only to be fired just before they made it all the way.

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