Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This post is simply a quick break from preparing for finals.

For anyone who’s wondering about who I think should replace Larry Coker (now that my one true Christmas wish was granted and he was fired the day after Thanksgiving) I’ll give you my answer. If I have to choose one candidate right now I’d go with Randy Shannon, our defensive coordinator. Of course, that is assuming that we’d clean house on the offensive side of the ball by firing almost all of the remaining offensive assistant coaches brought in by Coker and replace them with the best new offensive staff we can find.

One persistent rumor is that Texas Tech coach Mike Leach will get the job. I can live with that also, given the fact that Leach is an offensive genius, but I really hope that under that scenario UM finds a way to keep Shannon at defensive coordinator.

While I would prefer Shannon if I had to choose between the two, Mike Leach does have come interesting characteristics that I find quite interesting. 1) He’s one of only 3 coaches in college football who didn’t play football in college. 2) He’s got a law degree. It’s nice to see there is employment for me out there somewhere after graduation, even if it’s as a football coach.

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