Saturday, December 02, 2006

I believe it can get no better

So, I’m watching football while studying for finals, I look up to the TV and see a commercial for the Superman dvd. Then, immediately after that I see a commercial for the release of the new 2 disc collectors edition of Rocky. It’s as though I’m controlling the entertainment industry.
First a new Superman movie on June 30th and now a new Rocky film coming up on December 22…just thinking about it almost makes me tear up.

There is one down side to this though. I don’t think that I’ll ever be more excited about movie and dvd releases than I am right now. Seriously, I have to be at an entertainment mountain top that I will never be able to reach again. It has to go down from here, there’s no way that I’ll ever have these two franchises release new films and dvds within 8 months of each other…unllleeesss…..Rocky 7 anyone????????

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