Sunday, December 03, 2006

Do you like Jesus? Do you like Rocky also?

If, like me, you said yes to both those questions (and even if you didn’t) click this link.
It’s a web site with tons of free material about religious themes in the upcoming Rocky Balboa (A.K.A. Rocky 6). I’m really impressed with the stuff on the site. First off, go to this page and watch the “Keeping the Faith” trailer, it’s the best compilation video of the first 5 films I’ve ever seen. If for some reason you haven’t seen all 5 previous films by December 22nd watch this before you see Rocky 6. Secondly there’s a really interesting interview with Stallone on this page .
Robbie, Kim, I expect you to implement these materials into your church’s programs immediately. Danny, how about you and I start some sort of research paper for publication?

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