Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Could This Be My Future?

To those that know my earliest career path desires this should be interesting.
I just got done studying for a final that I have tomorrow morning, so to relax a bit I decide to take 10 minutes to read the papers back in Orlando and Miami before getting some sleep. In the Miami Herald I came across a paragraph in this story that I feel might lend some insight into my future. Here’s the relevant part:

“a graduate of the University of Michigan law school, Kaplan gave up a successful law practice in 1984 after he tired of dealing with complex real estate transactions and construction law cases. He then nearly died of a ruptured appendix during a Las Vegas vacation before returning to South Florida to pursue his new dream of becoming a sportscaster.”

Nagging desire to eventually work in sports journalism? Check.
Law school graduate: Probably in a year and a half.
Successful law practice: Hopefully.
Ruptured appendix: Not if I can avoid it.
Vegas vacation: Certainly.
Inexplicably following a dream in the future: To be determined.

1 comment:

Rust Belt said...

Dreams to follow... I ride mine every day. Follow your dream to near-death and sportscasting fame Adam.