Monday, July 17, 2006

Taught by a Zombie? pitt law (in)competence strikes again

Click on the picture to make it bigger. Next, read the name listed as my professor in evidence class. Notice anything wrong? Give up? The problem is that Welsh White is currently dead. Despite that minor encumbrance pitt law thinks that he will be feeling well enough to teach next semester. I’m just curious to see how they pull this off.

My school seems to be having a very hard time coming to grips with Welsh’s death. Last spring he was also dead before the semester began, but this didn’t mean pitt was prepared for the ramifications of his death. Because they refused to acknowledge that one of their best professors was probably going to die pitt was left without a replacement for Welsh’s classes. This meant that they slapped two classes together, creating a class so large that the fire marshal demanded the transfer students be kicked out to get the room down to its legal occupancy. I must say that I was in favor of pitt showing Welsh respect by not removing him from the official spring schedule last year (which would have essentially said to him “we think your going to die”). However, I was even more in favor of showing the students who go to pitt some respect by having contingency plans ready just in case he died.

Anyway, all that annoyance is in the past. Well, it would be if pitt ran anywhere near as well as it should and didn’t have Welsh White teaching classes posthumously.

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Miss Amy said...

death is an illusion. i'm just sorry that you can't see to a true jurist it shouldn't be any hindrance to doing the lord's work and continuing to train new ambulance chasers. geez.