Saturday, May 06, 2006

What Defines a Great Movie?

One standard I’ve always used to define if a movie is great is whether I have to finish watching it when I randomly find it on basic cable, despite the fact that I already own the movie on DVD. This morning, not too long after I started studying for my last final on Monday, I saw that TNT was running a Rocky marathon (Only I - IV though). Even though I had all of the DVDs sitting only about 6 feet away from me I couldn’t stop watching Rocky after Rocky on TNT. So, at the expense of my law school performance I have once again proven the greatness of the Rocky series.

Also as a side note, one of the perks of being me seems to be that any time a Rocky marathon is on at least one person will at attempt to (or successfully) contact me to make sure that I know about it. I’d like to thank Adam for keeping that streak alive today.

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Rust Belt said...

I've said this before, but I will say it again, all of these films are propaganda. I mean just look at the list:
Rocky I, In order to restore white/italian pride and the way it was in boxing, aka traditionalist mumbojumbo, Rocky tries to beat down a black man. At least Rocky I got it right, the white guy loses.
Rocky IISeeing the backlash from the fairytale failing, Rocky once again suits up to beat down a black man. This time of course he wins, after showing his own traditionalism by staying by his comatose wife's bed.
Rocky IIII mean come on! First, Rocky attacks wrestling and wrestlers are wimps and losers by beating down the Hulk. Statement: Wrestlers are not athletes. Then, Rocky needs to go back to his racist roots and beat down a black man... not any black man but Mr. T. Rocky is making a statement about how black men are vain and will lose because of it. I mean, really, Clubber Lang should have kicked his ass again, his name is Clubber.
Rocky IV Do I really need to go into this one. He revists his racist past by having the black man beat down by the Russian... then he proceeds to pull himself up without technology (Unibomber propaganda) to beat the Communist empire... come on, Rambo wasn't even this blatant.
Rocky VRocky beats down an aids infected man, thats all I can say about that
Rocky VIWhat's next here, beating down a woman who had an abortion or a gay guy?