Sunday, April 02, 2006

I Miss My Style'n Shoes

I just got done watching a great documentary on the underground sneaker culture in America over the last 20 years called Just For Kicks. Man, did it bring back some memories. I need to hurry up and finish this law school thing so I can get back to buying stylish sneakers like I used to when I was young. Back then mom and dad would only pay for a regular pair of shoes so I had to work for the money to make up the difference between regular shoes and the latest releases. What made my shoe collection great was living in Orlando where I had access to the shoe company's outlets. This insured that I could find great looking dead stock or rare design shoes for next to nothing. Since most of the people on the basketball courts hadn't seen the style of shoes I was wearing, or hadn't seen them in a long time, it made it really easy to bust out something original whether it was the newest model or something different from the outlet. Good times...good times...
Here's the documentary's web site.

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